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What is Gig Razor?
Gig Razor is a company whose sole purpose is to seamlessly connect campus event planners with talented musicians, comedians, entertainers, magicians, speakers, and campus vendors. Campus entertainment personnel join Gig Razor to search for, connect with, and book entertainment or services for any type of on-campus event imaginable. Talent providers can create campus friendly profiles, connect with buyers and conduct passive promotion 24/7/365. Gig Razor makes it easy for campus programmers to book outta these world events, and we help our members land lots o' really awesome gigs! 
Our Origins Story
Gig Razor was conceived back in 2009 by Dave McCubbin who, after attending a college conference, decided to set out and revolutionize the campus programming talent booking industry by creating a 100% virtual online membership community that offers cost effective and ultra-easy solutions for campus event planners and talent providers.
Toward the Future
We are always looking to utilize and leverage up and coming technology. Since our ultimate goal is to be the #1 source for campus programming solutions- stay tuned for some awesome announcements.
Modus Operandi
From our perspective it all starts with building, maintaining and strengthening relationships with everyone in our community. Treating people with dignity, honor, and respect is our prime directive. We stand behind our work and refuse to partake in silly games, seedy tactics, surreptitious fees or unethical behavior. In a nutshell we strive to be upfront, straightforward, and easy to deal with. Trusting relationships with our members is what we’re all about. If you have an issue, let’s talk. Working together we can come up with a solution. If you need help... just ask. We’re here to listen and lend a hand.
Our guiding principles

• Honesty, Discernment and Integrity
• Going the extra mile
• Listening to feedback
• Faith, Charity and Servitude
• Treating people like they matter... because they do!

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