What exactly does Gig Razor do?
Gig Razor easily connects campus event planners with entertainment acts such as bands, comedians, novelty, and speakers. In other words, our mission is to help campus event programmers find talent acts and help entertainers book amazing campus gigs. Cool, huh? The best part is we are 100% virtual community which means you can search, connect, and contact WITHOUT EVER LEAVING YOUR OFFICE.

To sweeten the pot even further, campus staff can join Gig Razor at no charge.  Which is way more desirable than paying for costly associations.  

Simply put Gig Razor is the easiest, best, and most relevant campus programming resource out there.
How does Gig Razor work?
If you are an artist- after you join the site you can create your Electronic Press Kit, assign campus specific keywords, search the private gig board and promote yourself with no effort. The Electronic Press Kit is full featured containing contact info, program description, audio, video and photos. The keywords within your profile aid in helping the campus staff find you- by using lingo specific to the campus programming market. You also have the ability to search the private event board for any upcoming campus gigs, and much more.
If you are campus event staff person- after you join the site you gain instant access to a vast talent pool, can search for acts by specific campus specific criteria, connect with other campus professionals, post events on the private gig board, create honest artist feedback reports, and much more.
Are you an association?
No. We are not. Rather Gig Razor is an alternative to popular associations in the college market. 
Do you have an axe to grind with college associations?
Absolutely not. Most associations are great and serve a purpose, the well-known downside is they are very expensive to join. Gig Razor is a cost effective alternative.
Is Gig Razor an agency?
Ok, so in that case do you represent talent?
Not in the traditional sense. Instead we offer musicians, speakers, comedians, magicians (well, really all types of talent providers) the ability to create a virtual press kit that woks for them 24/ 7/ 365. Furthermore we give them ability to be contacted directly by campus programmers seeking to fill gigs and apply for gigs posted on our private event board. 
Does Gig Razor charge booking fees, submission fees or commissions?
No we don’t. Never have, never will. Your monthly membership covers everything.
Are there any hidden fees?
Nope. Once you enroll as a member you are entitled to all the features. There are no tiered membership levels, premium accounts, or any such non sense. One reasonable monthly payment covers it all.
Can I buy advertising?
No. We do not offer the ability to buy advertising. 
Is it possible to get a ‘spotlight’, or ‘featured’ profile?
No, sorry. Other sites offer the ability for members to pay additional money in exchange for guaranteed exposure, or higher search results. This is something Gig Razor has decided to not do.
Can I create a free profile?
Unfortunately, no. We deliberated on this notion for a while and, after much discussion, decided to make the site a paid community; for one primary reason. If we allow people to create free profiles, we feel we would end up with a wasteland of junk profiles along with non-active users. Or put another way, when you pay money for something, it adds inherent value. When something has value people incline to take things a bit more serious.
Can corporate sponsors help support the site?
Yes. Contact us for details
How much does a membership cost?
It depends on what side of the market you are on. Campus staff, self-represented acts and agencies are all handled differently. Your best bet is to view our pricing schedule.  Click the pricing link located at the top and bottom of our home page.
What does a membership get me?
Frankly, a lot of cool stuff. And depending if you are a campus event programmer, agency, or self-represented act, the answer will be different in each circumstance. Your best bet is to check out our benefits page.  At the bottom of our home page, click the benefits link.
I’m not that computer savvy so can you help me create a profile?
Sure, we can lend you a hand. Our suggestion would be to first try and create the profile first since the site has been designed to be a ‘fill-in-the-blank’ format. If that is too much to handle, feel free to drop us a line and we can set it up for you. You can mail your information on a CD, or via electronic format. For $39 we will create your press kit. This fee covers a one-time set up press kit creation. Any future updates to your kit will incur additional charges. Please be aware we will not convert, edit, modify, or change anything you send.   The files must also be in a web-ready format like MP3 for audio and FLV for video.
We are an agency with a ton of acts to add to your site. This would take hours, can you help?
Sure, we’d be glad to help. Depending on the amount of acts you need to add, amount of files, and so forth, things can get a bit intricate.  We suggest you contact us so we can chat.
What kind of video and audio files do you accept?
The accepted audio formats are MP3 and M4A only. The only accepted video files are FLV and MP4 only.
Can you explain the file size limitations for audio and video?
There are several things at work here. First the ‘efficiency’ of the web’ meaning large file sizes can take a while to load on some computers. Next, and most important, you are dealing with people’s attention spans. Your best bet is to use your best stuff and get to the point quickly!
Can you guarantee that I will get gigs?
Regrettably no, Gig Razor cannot guarantee you will get gigs. Getting gigs depends on a lot of factors like, what acts is the Campus Event Programmer interested in booking, availability of all parties involved, fees you charge, how well your profile is setup, etc. In light of this Gig Razor does increase your exposure to an audience that normally takes a great deal of time and money to reach. We are extremely confident you'll see success through our site, joining us is the first step.
Other sites like Facebook and MySpace offer free pages. Why should I bother to pay to join Gig Razor?
Here is the deal. Campus Event Programmers and decision makers have extremely busy schedules; they simply do not have the time to poke around the internet, hours on end, searching for someone to fill an upcoming gig.  No doubt that sites like FB, MySpace offer great exposure, along with networking opportunities. However, Gig Razor provides campus staff with a one-stop-shop location to meet their programming needs quickly and efficiently. Gig Razor provides you with valuable, constant real-time exposure to campus personnel. This alone makes it worth it.
What time of payment do you accept?
We accept the following types: VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover.
How do I cancel my account?
We’ll be sad if you leave us, although we realize that “life does happen”.  To cancel your account, simply login your account, click the My Account button and click Cancel. 
Ok, you got me, I’ll buy.  How do I get started?
Thank you so very much, we truly appreciate it!! To get started visit our home page and on the right side, middle of the page is the ‘join now’ option. Or, at the top of this page, simply hover your mouse over the ‘join now’ text, then select the appropriate choice.
Oh and one more.  Any "caveat emptor" stuff?
Here at Gig Razor we like to be upfront with people so they understand the fundamentals of our site.  When you purchase a membership to Gig Razor you are essentially buying exposure to the college entertainment market.  This site offers three methods for you to get exposure.  First, the profile you create is available 24/7/365 for colleges to search and contact you.  Second, colleges have the ability to send out "blast notices" that will be sent to your email.  Third, colleges can post events onto Gig Razor's event board.  These events are at their discretion and may, or may not be available.  If this type of exposure is acceptable, we invite you to join our community.  If not, we completely understand.  


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