Our Causes
At Gig Razor we believe in giving to others in need. And like most, there are causes “near and dear” to our proverbial heart. Throughout the year, we donate a portion of our profits to charitable organizations.** Below is who we support and why…

Gig Razor Causes - Gloria
Meet Gloria. Throughout her life she wore many hats. That of friend, confidant, wife, colleague and was one of the most charitable person's you could ever meet. She was always there to listen, give advice, offer a shoulder when needed, and dole out a butt kickin' when warranted. One of her most important hats she wore was the one labeled Mom. She died of Cancer in late 2012. A portion of our proceeds goes to help pay for people who cannot afford cancer treatments.
Gig Razor Causes - Treva
This is Treva. During her life she was the person who was overly kind, always concerned about how you are doing, wanting the best for you and always excited to see you. You may know someone like this… she went by the name “Mammaw”. Others may know her as Grand Ma. Toward the end of her life she suffered from Alzheimer's, one of the most debilitating diseases one can encounter. A portion of our proceeds goes to help research the cure for ALZ.
Gig Razor Causes - Water-Sight
Water-sight. We also do work with impoverished people in Africa. Specifically we work with individuals who have direct connections, and involvement in helping to bring water to people, along with providing medicated salve to help prevent blindness in infants. Like our other causes, we donate a portion of monies to help those who fall into this unfortunate life circumstance.


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